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Sandra and Emma

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support. You are amazing at what you do and it’s such a comfort to know that I can follow up with you. I would have given up on breastfeeding/pumping a long time ago without your help. Thank you 🙂


Hi Ann, You don’t know how much we appreciate you taking so much time with us tonight.  I felt like we were drowning, but now we can forge ahead with the tools you’ve given us. The good news is that Harper had a wet and dirty diaper around 9:15 and then another dirty diaper right after that around 9:30.  Tom took a picture of the first one b/c he thought you would want to see, so I’m attaching it. 🙂 I also was able to pump about 15 mL. We’ll keep you updated tomorrow. Thanks again, Melissa


Hi Ann, Thank you for your note. I just wanted to share with you that I really appreciated your class! My husband, Russ, and I took your class last August. I gave birth in November. You had talked about tongue tied and I was so grateful. As soon as I saw our new healthy baby boy, I recognized that he had tongue tied . Based on your great information, we were able to ask the hospital to help us take care of it right away and within the first day of his birth his tongue was fixed. We had a few challenges just like every first time mom that does not have previous experience with breastfeeding. However, I was very excited and determined to breast…


Hi Ann, Here is my story. I want you to know I appreciate your help so much! You will see why in the story. We were pretty desperate by the time we came to you, but you helped us and we are still nursing at almost 13 months. 🙂 Samuel just turned 1 on May 20th, and we are still nursing! I had a rough start with him. He wasn’t gaining weight and we couldn’t keep him awake when he was nursing. We knew even before we left the hospital that something wasn’t right, but none of the half dozen lactation consultants we saw in the hospital could help. After a week and a half, our pediatrician was discouraging us from continuing to try to…


Ann, Thank you for your help with Mary and Baby Lauren! Like her dad, it just took her awhile to catch on. You are obviously held in high regard in your field. We have heard this over and over from many sources. You should be very proud of your reputation!


Ann, thank you so very much. The directions you had us go in have been so helpful. Nikki has already used the side lying position (which is great) and the cross-cradle position. And the care and concern that is so apparent in your followups is truly touching.


Ann, from my perspective, you have been an invaluable asset to Renee, and thus me, in these early weeks of our new life. We are so fortunate and happy to have Sarah and are deeply grateful for your counsel on many subjects across levels that have benefited our experience with our newborn. You are special.

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