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This past Sunday, Jason and I went to a breastfeeding class by Ann Conlon-Smith.  She is a privately practicing board certified lactation consultant and owns her own company called Triangle Lactation.  She has had 6 sons, two of whom were twins and she breastfed all of them.  She is absolutely one of the most highly regarded lactation consultants in our area.

We want to breastfeed these babies, and even though I’ve read a few books on breastfeeding, we figure we can’t do enough to prepare, so we also decided to take this class.  The class was really informative and it was great to be able to ask Ann questions about juggling twins.  She really is an expert at breastfeeding.

At one point, they actually had us holding dolls and they were showing us all the different holds.  It was extremely entertaining to watch Jason practice the cross-cradle hold.  He would make an excellent breastfeeder if he only had the right equipment!

Ann is also the lactation consultant at the pediatrician that we’ve chosen for the babies.  I will be able to take them in for a regular appointment and see the lactation consultant at the same time (for the same co-pay I think?).  I’ve also gone to a couple of La Leche League meetings, and it’s been great to connect with lots of other women (including many twin moms) who have successfully breastfed and are willing to help me when the babies come if (read: when) I need it.

Ann also knows the post-partum doula, Pam Diamond, that I’ve chosen to help us with the babies after they are born.  (A HUGE thanks to my company, Concerro, for covering this cost.  You are amazing.)  She said that Pam will be the perfect doula for twins.  I was really glad to hear that we made a good choice.

I know that breastfeeding can be really challenging for many people, but it’s something that we would really like to do.  We really appreciate everyone being supportive of us and giving us encouragement.

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