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Dear Ann,

Thank you ever so much for your very kind note. The gratitude is all ours to feel – we were at the absolute nadir of our breast feeding efforts when we came to you and you were nothing short of God’s angel for us. Not only were we fighting a losing battle but we were ill informed as to the right tools to use and stubborn in our refusal to do any better. While you were patient and kind, you were also firm and relentless in your effort to push us towards a more sensible approach. Yours is a noble calling and the passion with which you perform it is awe inspiring. It was this passion that convinced us to follow your recommendation and move towards a more practical and eventually successful approach. I can say without a shade of doubt that had we not met you when we did, Dhruv would be a formula fed baby today. For despite all your kind words about my commitment and drive, truth is there were innumerable times when I was within an inch of giving up and had you not been there to help/guide us during those moments, I very well might have given up. My family and I will always be in your debt.

We are glad you and your dear family enjoyed the chocolates. Do let us know if you are in the Boston area – we must meet up!

Best wishes for you and your family