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Prenatal Lactation Prep Virtual Consultation/Class-First Monday Monthly (flexible!)


First Monday monthly 4:30-6:00 pm 

Step one is to Register here for Prenatal Lactation Prep Consultation/Private Class

Get all your questions and concerns answered to gain confidence and expectations before baby arrives. You may come in anxious about feeding your baby, but after this 90 minute prep, you’ll be ready with information, knowing what is normal and how and where to get help if you have concerns about feeding. This will be something you’re looking forward to once you feel more ready!

Contact Ann at 919-389-1599 or aconsmith@gmail.com for appointment. It is important to choose a time that both you AND your partner can attend.

For BC/BS or Cigna submit at https://go.lactationnetwork.com/TriangleLactation I am in network with Aetna. For UHC I can give you a Super Bill to submit for reimbursement and fee to you is $75 before class. 

Typically, meeting about one month or so before due date is recommended.

Fill out history form below and submit to hold your appointment.