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About Me

Hello, I am Ann Smith, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and owner of Triangle Lactation in Raleigh, NC. for over 25 years.  I offer you unparalleled experience and expertise having worked with thousands of families for over two decades.  Keeping up with current research in my field is of utmost importance as well, and you will benefit from the newest perspectives and science, along with the compassion and understanding that also comes from having mothered six sons including twins.

I became a volunteer La Leche League leader in 1984, which led me to my  profession as a lactation consultant in 1996.  Breastfeeding offers a physiological connection and symbiotic relationship that gives parent a keen sense of  baby’s needs. Breastmilk is a living substance and changes according to the way a baby sucks, the age of the baby, the time of day, germs baby has been exposed to and more. We all strive for optimum health for ourselves and our family and how we feed is an integral part of that.

Not all breastfeeding experiences are perfect from the start (or what we imagined them to be) and sometimes help is needed. A slight adjustment or a different perspective can make a big difference.  I can assist you with most breastfeeding challenges or questions through a virtual consultation, which is covered under most insurance plans.  Triangle Lactation also offers Medical Grade pumps and Volume Intake Scales for rent. All consultations are virtual.

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