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Ann Conlon-Smith, IBCLC

Ann Conlon-Smith, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant- highest accredited healthcare professionals specializing in infant feeding.)  Ann has worked with thousands of clients as one of the most highly respected professionals in her field, with consistent referrals from physicians, hospitals, and satisfied families who return and recommend her to others since 1996!

Not all breastfeeding experiences are perfect from the start (or what we imagined them to be) and sometimes help is needed. A slight adjustment, a different perspective, or an assessment of a change can make a big difference.  Ann can assist you with most infant feeding challenges or questions through a virtual or in person consultation, which is covered under most insurance plans.  Meeting with you as soon as possible is important to Ann. A full report reviewing all that was covered, is emailed to you and your physician before end of day. 

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