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I’ll always think of you as the one who helped me nurse my very first and most challenging, colicky, and tongue-tied baby, Soren. Have a wonderful evening! And thanks for helping so many mamas.  Marnie


Dear Ann, My husband and I brought our daughter, Annabel, to see you this morning.  We had had trouble with her latch and milk transfer, and you discovered a tongue-tie, and helped get us an immediate appointment with Lauren Brown at Raleigh ENT. First of all, thank you so much for your help making sure we were able to see an ENT so quickly.  If TJ and I had had to work that out ourselves, it would have taken much longer to figure out who to see and to set up an appointment.  Dr. Brown agreed that she had a tongue-tie, and performed a frenulectomy on site, immediately.  The procedure was complete within 30 minutes of our leaving Western Wake Peds, and we were just…


Ann Conlon-Smith, I brought my son Henry into your office when he was 5 days old and you helped me figure out nursing and get his tongue-tie fixed. I’m happy to report that he is a very happy and healthy EBF 6 month old today! I’m writing now to ask you another question. I’ve brought Henry to two different pediatrics offices in Raleigh now, and I’ve had a horrible time with peds at both offices being incredibly unsupportive of breastfeeding and and my other related parenting methods. I remember you saying that you worked for a doctor’s office in Cary, and I was wondering if you could tell me what practice that is. I’ve tried searching your name online to find it, and I’m not…


Dear Ann, first I want to thank you for all your support. With your help I was able to establish breastfeeding. We decreased the supplemental formula step by step. The way to go was hard and exhausting, the first days without formula he was on the breast every 2 hours, so I was completely breastfeeding all the time the whole day and night. You were totally right as you told me, I would need something to eat which can be grabbed with one hand! So baby Jakob now is completely breastfeeded without any supplemental formula. It is working very well since two weeks, since 10 days even without the nipple shield, although this was a very helpful tool to start breastfeeding. Also the Medela pump…


Hey Ann, I can not tell you how helpful everything was you did for us last night!  We went this morning to Dr. Brown and he did have his tongue clipped.  We got home and he immediately started nursing with me.  It still hurt when he latched but I don’t know if that is a combination of him learning to nurse differently now and my nipples being cracked and sore in general.  We are still giving him a bottle after he nurses with me but he seems to be taking less and less.  I am pumping as well and I am definitely making more milk.  I can get about 1-1.5oz with 15-20min of pumping.  I am hoping this will continue to get better.  Again thank…


Hey Ann! I hope this email find you well.  Parker and I are still breastfeeding, all thanks to you.  I get back to work in 2 weeks, and I hope to continue to exclusively breastfeed him at that time.  I cannot thank you enough for all of your wisdom and support during a rough time. I will make referrals to you in the future.  and I hope our paths cross again soon.  Take care and well wishes! Marcie


Ann, I just wanted to personally thank you for being my go to person when I decided to breastfeed.  Little did I know, it was a long term commitment with lots of hurdles.  I was told by doctors that breastfeeding was going to be very difficult for me because I had diabetes and thyroid issues.  At first my milk did not let down and I was becoming discouraged, but after talking to you and getting fitted for a properly fitting bra and breast shields, I have been able to breastfeed now going on 11 months.  My son is very healthy and has been sick only with small stuffy nose types of illnesses.  I am so proud to know that my decision to breastfeed him has…

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