Dear Ann,

My husband and I brought our daughter, Annabel, to see you this morning.  We had had trouble with her latch and milk transfer, and you discovered a tongue-tie, and helped get us an immediate appointment with Lauren Brown at Raleigh ENT.

First of all, thank you so much for your help making sure we were able to see an ENT so quickly.  If TJ and I had had to work that out ourselves, it would have taken much longer to figure out who to see and to set up an appointment.  Dr. Brown agreed that she had a tongue-tie, and performed a frenulectomy on site, immediately.  The procedure was complete within 30 minutes of our leaving Western Wake Peds, and we were just amazed at the speed with which it all happened.

Second, our progress today has been huge.  Whether it’s due to the new nursing position (Biological Nursing?) or the frenulectomy, Annabel has been nursing much better today.  I still feel some pain, but I think it’s due to latent soreness rather than continued latching problems.  With the biological nursing position, she stays awake and latched longer.  We’ve cluster nursed a few times today, but overall the frequency is declining and she seems more satisfied and alert after nursing.  My engorgement is declining too, though it may take a few days of pumping and frequent nursing.

Third, Annabel has had three bowel movements since our visit this morning.  We met with you at 9:30, she had the frenulectomy at 11:15, and her bowel movements occurred at 3:00, 6:00, and 9:30 this evening.  She’s still passing meconium, but the color of the stool is lightening and they’re becoming less sticky/pasty and more watery.  I expect they’ll look like typical breast milk stools within a day or two.

We’ve definitely turned a corner, and I wanted to thank you again for your help.  Zoe