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Ann Conlon-Smith,

I brought my son Henry into your office when he was 5 days old and you helped me figure out nursing and get his tongue-tie fixed. I’m happy to report that he is a very happy and healthy EBF 6 month old today!

I’m writing now to ask you another question. I’ve brought Henry to two different pediatrics offices in Raleigh now, and I’ve had a horrible time with peds at both offices being incredibly unsupportive of breastfeeding and and my other related parenting methods. I remember you saying that you worked for a doctor’s office in Cary, and I was wondering if you could tell me what practice that is. I’ve tried searching your name online to find it, and I’m not having any luck. Maybe you recently switched practices or quit, and that’s why I’m not finding it? Anyways, any help would be great.

I just also want to you let you know that you were the only professional who truly helped me in those early days of breastfeeding, and without you I’m not sure if I’d be as successful as I am. I truly needed somebody to tell me I was doing the right thing ad could get through it. Thanks so much!   Wendy